Creeper - Sex Death and the Infinite Void review


I'll admit - I never caught on to the Creeper hype. I don't know what they sound like. What they're supposed to sound like. All I know is that... they're supposed to be creepy. Right? They're called Creeper. I've seen the back patches and merchandise, I've seen the book that was published with 404 INK. (Now £5! What a bargain.) They're a multifaceted band indeed. So this will be my unfiltered, honest review of their second album, and of what I think of the band in general. 

Opening with the song Hallelujah - it's the sound of rain and thunder and then an echoing "hallelujah for the devil almighty rains..." you get the jist. It's the introduction. 

Be My End is the second in a 16 song run this album has. It sounds...indie? It sounds like an alternative indie rock band that got bitten by vampires. It definitely sounds indie. If Skins was still around today - this would be on the soundtrack. Born Cold is similar, an indie-pop vibe that teases out into a piano-laden sound with overlapping vocals.  I can hear My Chemical Romance's influence in this as if Gerard Way had something to do with the record personally. Maybe not early MCR in the sound specifically, but in the creepy-vampiric sort of way. 

Cyanide opens with a blend of guitars and piano - it's a floaty affair, spooky but still modern. "Black lipstick on a coffee cup," sounds English - you almost forget the band are from Southhampton until you hear the word cup. They're crafty. Between this song and the next, there's a spoken word bit that breaks up the record nicely. It's like something out of an Edgar Allan Poe poem. 

Annabelle is a jovial number, citing about how they're both going to hell. Belle, Hell, I get it. It rhymes! I want to believe they're going to hell, that there's actually going to be a trip but the upbeat tempo of the song makes me just want to dance instead, forgetting all mention of a trip at all.  

With Paradise, finally, FINALLY, the 80's inspired sound I want to hear. The Cure inspired, anyone?  There are wispy guitars and a steady drumbeat that envelopes you into the sound. It's the longest song on the album, but one of the best. The vocals are low and menacing until the chorus hits and then he belts it out. G'wan, son. Then -- there's a saxophone?! That's lit. It's like I can imagine this song being played in a speakeasy in the dead of the night. 

Poison Heart comes in the Elvis-esque vocals, in the beginning, then opens up again in the chorus.  Similarly, Thorns of Love is very rockabilly, similar to the song before but it crescendos into more modern sounding, and then dives back. I could hear this being played at the Cathouse. I miss the Cathouse. Yes, I'm 24 but I'm not ashamed to admit that. It would fit on either floor - the first floor being the classic rock floor and the second floor being the pop-punk, more modern day floor, if you were unaware, which shows the range that this band has. 

Four Years Ago is a duet, and it's pretty and sad. It's enough to make you want to sit at a rainy window and think about a conquest from years past.

Naplam Girls is a great song. "We met at a strange time in my life," a line from Fight Club, is sang by the feminine vocals over and over. It has a banging bassline - very dancey. Hell yeah. I know I've linked the album above - but listen to it below. I know you're lazy. This is a certified BOP. A definite highlight for me. 


Another eerie tune is Black Moon, definitely indie with the Creeper flair. "Let love kill me," is the stand out lyric that repeats, with "ohhhs," building up to a sick guitar solo. It's a definite toe-tapper. 

All My Friends is a piano ballad about how they - or us, I guess - all hurt. It sounds like it could be an Alkaline Trio song, but it's given the Creeper touch with strings and feminine vocals. It's a definite lighter or phone torch moment in a live show. Hey, remember live shows? I'm not crying, you are. Shut up. 

Cutting up the album is four separate spoken word soliloquies, and the album ends on a lengthy one.  

I'm not sure if I should give these albums ratings, but if I did -  this would be a solid 4/5. 4 stars? We'll say 4 stars. Whatever way you look at it, this is class. Creeper are unlike anything in the scene at the minute, especially in the UK and they should be commended for their unique nature. I'll be revisiting this in the coming Autumn months, while I prepare for the ultimate in holidays -- Halloween. I think that's appropriate. 

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