Ones to watch: Forever


Yes, Forever is the name of the band. They are difficult to draw a comparison with any one band or act. Instead of saying that they sound like x, mixed with y and add in a dash of z, they are totally unique to anything I have heard recently. A breath of fresh air, if you will. The thing about the band too, is that they have only been active - on Facebook anyway - for just under a month. Yet, Podcart have already featured their first and only recorded song, Shamed, as their song of the day. As they mention, they clearly have obvious various, different influences all infused together to make this wonderfully strange song. This is experimental in it truest, purest form as it stands. It's not some guys fucking around with pedals or adding in some quirky instrument to make it sound unconventional and cool, it's clearly the result of a lot of hard work and distinction.

They also have one other song up to listen to, which is called Anna. Before you listen, imagine yourself on a tiki bar in Hawaii sipping something alcoholic from either a coconut or a pineapple - now imagine the kind of music you'd hear around you. The instrumentals sound a bit like that, but laden with lo-fi guitar and a kick drum. The song also kind of makes me want to burst out into my own rendition of Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid. If you listen, you'll know what I mean. But again, the song is well thought out and has a darker subject matter at hand, so there's another layer underneath the more relaxed vibe that they give off from the sound alone. Anna is a masterfully crafted break up song that you could listen to while wearing a lei, and crying into your coconut/pineapple drink hybrid at that Tiki bar that you were supposed to be with your significant other.

For now, they only have a Facebook page, but don't sleep on this. 


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