Behind...Behind The Noise.


So, this year, I'm apart of the Behind The Noise trainee scheme, where, along with 3 other ex-participants of the programme, we'll be putting on our own gig at some point at the end of April, after the Gig At The Grand. 

The Gig At The Grand is the end product of all the hard work that comes from the course leaders and those kids taking part in it. The course is aimed at school kids who want to get involved in the Scottish music industry, whether it be through performance, learning the technical side of putting on a live show or the gaining knowledge about the business of it all. 

Last year, the band from my school, Heisenberg, performed 4 covers live at a sold out gig at the Classic Grand. This is the cover of Do I Wanna Know? by the Arctic Monkeys.

And this was the last song, Many Of Horror by Biffy Clyro. 

Overall with the project, I was really, really proud at how our show went, how the crowd reacted and at the fact that we all as a team managed to pull it together in the end. Being side stage was cool enough, I can't imagine how exhilarating it would be to actually be ON stage. The singers both did a great job, especially Jay, who had been known in our school for years as the guy with the good voice. He had a fantastic stage presence, it was just really nice to watch. The guitarist, Martyn, was my friend and we had been to gigs prior to this show. After any band we would see live, the one thing he'd always say was how much he wanted to be in a band and play live shows of his own. Thanks to this, he was able to actually go up on a stage and perform rather than just watch. Could he have eventually ended up playing a show without the aid of Behind The Noise? Maybe. But at least, for the 20 minutes or so they played, he was able to get a taster at least. 

It pushed everyone involved with it to the absolute limit, but I wouldn't've had it any other way. 

Back to the modern day after that bout of nostalgia, Behind The Noise 2015 is now in full swing but since I'm in university, I can't take part. But as a trainee, I'll be able to get a look in at the after school workshops and hopefully the rehearsal sessions. I'll also be talking at the Further Education Day at the Classic Grand this Saturday, more info is here on the Behind The Noise website

Yesterday, we had a chat with Yvonne Morrison from Ticketmaster and Libby Urvois from Ticketweb about ticketing and our up-coming show. 

Super exciting times ahead. Watch this space.

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