Ones To Watch: Indoor Foxes



I was introduced to Indoor Foxes, or Martha Barr, through SNACK magazine, where they had a copy of her new single to listen to, to review, which my review of that will be up soon. The new single Peach Stone is pretty harrowing - listen below. 

Taken from her about section on Spotify - she's been described as "one of the purest and best voices coming out of Scotland at the moment." I spoke to her and you can read below. 

What was the inspiration for Peach Stone?
Peach stone was sort of inspired by this experience I had where I found myself with this person where I found myself becoming this really angry person because I was always trying to help them and they were constantly resistant and it’s a sort of ‘coming to terms’ with that feeling and how I just had to accept that I’d become a really awful person.

How did you get into music?
I’ve always done music since I was really young. My dad is always in bands and my mum plays the piano so I would always just mess around on their instruments and eventually I started out when I was about 7 doing classical piano training. In terms of my style now it’s just super informed by what I listen to and I try and take all the aspects I like of different styles and fuse them together.

Best gig you've ever played?
Best gig I ever played has to be one I played at Sneaky Petes supporting BOOTlace. I remember just getting everyone singing along and moshing and it was just an incredible sensation to have created that with my performance. I think I might have cried a little bit on stage I was so buzzing.

Who are your main influences?
Well, people always say I’m in the same music bracket as beabadoobee and girl in red but I’ve been super inspired by Fatherson and Amy Lou and the Monday Club for my vocals, and then dance and jazz music for my beats. Like I said I tend to just take what I like of every genre and mash it together into my songs and somehow it works.

What's the ideal gig for you? If you were to play it - who would you play with?
My ideal gig would have to be playing Barrowlands. As a venue, it’s just insane with the spring floor. I’m not sure who I’d want to play with, maybe someone like Clean Bandit where it’s super dance-y or Fatherson - they’re just incredible and I absolutely adore their music.

Give me three words to describe you as a musician. 
Three words is so few! I think I’d have to go for Eclectic, home-grown, and fun.

There you have it. Keep an eye out for her, and let everyone know you heard it here first.

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