What now for blink-182?



Yesterday blink-182 released their song Quarantine

It's a look into the end-of-days days that we're living in. 'Fuck this disease,' laments Hoppus, a side of the band not seen before - they're getting political. They've looked into suicide - Adam's Song - and the aftermath of a divorce - Stay Together for the Kids - but this is the first time that they've seemed to take the now as inspiration for their songs. They're known for living in the past as dudes in their forties singing about teenage youth with abandon. 

I bring you a snippet of my review of blink-182's California's Deluxe edition, which was first published in the Strathclyde Telegraph, but I have reposted the full thing on my blog.

But maybe that’s the point. blink-182, after over 20 years and various dramas and shifts — the whole point of the band is that they don’t have a point at all. They aren’t political or at all evolving with an accurate timeframe that reflects their lives much like one famous redheaded singer-songwriter who harkens on about his time at university, despite his earnings meaning he will probably not need to worry about any student debt. But, in the same breath, it’s worth noting that they’ve never tried to be – and after all this time, it’s clear they don’t intend to start any time soon.

So now the time has come - they've gone political. It's a bit of a shock as a life long blink fan, but not totally surprising. With Tom DeLonge going political to the other side of the spectrum, getting involved with government officials to try to prove alien life, it was only time before the remnants of the band caught on. It was noted that Matt Skiba - Tom's replacement - had little to do with the song, saying on his Instagram that he actually hadn't heard the song at all before coming out. 

So, it's a Mark song and it was his decision to create this song, and this time, in this climate. 

We can't forget the other release that came after California Deluxe (I don't review albums much anymore, unless the people want me to, then I'll get back into it on here. Maybe? We'll see.) - NINE. The ninth release from blink-182 and the second with Skiba on it.

It shows jubilant sound (Happy Days) and it absolutely broke me with some of the lyrics at some points (I Really Wish I Hated You). I'll admit, I haven't listened to it as much as someone that claims they're my favourite band should. But it sounds like Skiba's version of blink. Mark is crucial in the band, being the only original member. It feels like Mark's band - the same way that Panic! At The Disco is Brendon Urie's band. 

So where are they going? 

Living in a COVID world, there's no say at an album coming or any tours for NINE thus far. Should we care where blink is going? They're going to do what they want to do and have always done. 

But do we need them? Where do they sit in the musical world? They're legends, obviously, but they could throw in the towel if they wanted to. 

When people ask me what my favourite band is, I usually get embarrassed because I say 'blink-182' but it's damn true. People usually retort that they loved them back in the day, but I still love them. Mark's been streaming on Twitch, Matt is still being creepy on instagram and Travis continues to collaborate with young artists, and most notably, Machine Gun Kelly. They're due to release a Barker produced album Tickets To My Downfall this coming September.

I hope they stick around, for me and fans like me who have followed their careers for years. Does the fact they sing about 'blaming it on their youth' while they're considerably older than their teen years make them redundant? No. blink are like a cockroach - the world will end, which, come on, it looks like it might soon - they'll still be around.

I couldn't be happier with that. 

Stick around, guys. We need you. 

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